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  • Mr. Richard Banzon

  • My name is Richard Banzon from South San Francisco, CA. USA. I started this hobby when I was still in grade school in Manila ,Philippines. It was my cousin introduced me to this hobby. I had to ask my grandma then for money to buy pigeons. My cousin and I would go to "ARRANQUE" (At that time, the only place I know where to buy pigeons). I got my first pair and placed it on my cousin's loft. After school, I go straight to the loft and check the pigeons. Then, I would ask my cousin if I could release them. Watching those pigeons flying, it really excited me especially if we have "DAGIT" (stray birds). Then, my parents and I migrated to the USA last 1986. When I got here; I noticed that we had a big backyard. So I asked my parents if they could buy me pigeons. We went to pet stores and unfortunately, they did not sell pigeons.